Middle Age Christmas Card

Our Christmas card from a few years ago.

The card mechanism is very cool. It’s called a dissolving card or a pull tab changing picture card.

Video of the card in action.

The start position.

changing picture card 1

Pull the tab and it changes to this picture.

changing picture card 2

Here’s how it’s made:

There are four interlacing slat pieces, two per picture.

pieces 1

pieces 2

interlaced photos

Once they are properly stacked, they are secured in a frame.


Here are more comprehensive directions (not mine) for a similar card. This card mechanism is also included in the book: Making Mechanical Cards by Sheila Sturrock.


Really cool!

That is so amazingly cool!

Awesome mechanism! And the card is funny as well.

That is brilliant

That is amazing!

Our cards always have a theme. This was from 2016. The theme was, predictively, “The Dark Ages.” Turned out to be entirely accurate.


that is one fantastic card!!! the type of thing that make me envious of papercrafters and their infinite amounts of patience and skillz!!! i love it!!

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That card is hysterical!! I love it! Especially how both pictures show a similar pose. Genius!

That is awesome. So funny!!!

That is so cool! And comical!

So hilariously fun! What a great way to use this method!


@Bunny1kenobi Definitely planned it that way.

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This is so cool! Love the transition, what a surprise!

Congrats! Your Middle Age Christmas Card is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

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I love the mechanism!