Mild Cuss Rebus-style April Fools' Decor: W + Anchor = _____

Humor is an important part of my crafting and my home decor, so when I had the idea for this April Fools’ project, I pushed my other craft plans aside to put it together!


Get it? :thinking: :flushed: :rofl: But hey, this would also be suitable for the Williams family to put at their beach house, right?

The 3D letter-W came from an alphabet “kit” from and I made the files for the anchor using free clip art and Photoshop. All materials from stash!

I’ll be giving this to TheMisterT on April 1 and sending a photo w/o comment to a few text/What’s App groups, too.


slow clap-I finally got it!
what a great gift!

HA HA HA! That is hysterical.

That is fantastic.

LOL…Mr. Road got it right away. I…did not. :laughing: Still great.

How fun! Subtle, yet hilarious!

Excellent! ha ha

I am sure those across the pond got it faster than I did!

I got it right away, but kept looking for an alternate meaning. “She can’t possibly mean that!”

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LOL this is great!

Thanks everyone! I’m having a hard time not giving it to him now. Waiting will test my mettle!

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Hahaha!! perfect for a swanky beach house

Thanks, pals!

Maybe I need to make one with a letter-S on the left side for the sssswankers!


I’ve just seen this, it’s hilarious :grin:

Hehe. Thanks, @Edel!