Minature bridal shop

My latest minature. Another kit from AliExpress. This is a bridal shop and since I got married last year, I thought it fitting. This isn’t altered in any way from the original.

Without the front on

The chandelier is 29 separate parts, and that was simplified!

This gives you an idea of the scale

And a couple more just because.

I’m still finding these good to do during Covid time, because my inspiration and creativity is absent.


Is the mannequin wearing a copy of your wedding dress?

Very pretty!

This is a super cute one!

Not quite, although mine was very big and poofy, I decided that as a 52 year old, chubby, bride. I should wear the biggest poofiest whitest dress I could find, feck what it looked like, it felt great to wear.


This kit came up in my FB feed! I thought about you…so glad you did it…it is the cutest and you sure have a knack for these. I had no idea how expensive these kits were! I did purchase new magnifying goggles and will test them on my needlework…if they work, I might get the greenhouse one…I am in a slump as well…

Love the bling in this one…lots of shiny stuff!

They’re pretty cheap if you trawl a bit on Aliexpress. But they just take a long time to arrive

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This is gorgeous! Great job!!

This is fabulous!

It’s very dreamy!

How lovely!

Very pretty. Do you set these up all together? I am imagining a little miniature street . :grinning:

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I will eventually, I think, right now they’re crammed into a shelf because we’ll be moving home soon.

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Woow that very cute this is the first time I see something like that
I love it :heart::rose:

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Congrats! Your Miniature Bridal Shop is one of this week’s featured projects. You rule the school!

Woohoo, thanks sweetie

That dress is fantastic! I love how just a scrap of lace makes such an effective bodice! And, did you have to build the shoe? I am, again, impressed with your patience for making these. And, I agree, it would be neat to see them all displayed together at some point!

Thanks. The shoe was a standard Barbie doll type. But I had to cut the moulded straps off and replace with a tiny string of pearls and add 1/4sequin for sparkle.

Doing these kits is an education in cleverness of how they put two disparate things together and it just works.

Re display, there’s an empty grandfather clock case in an antique shop near here. I’m going to be buying lots of bits of furniture from there, soon for a free standing kitchen. So I’m going to haggle for the clock case. If it were fitted with glass shelves, it might make an awesomely unusual display case


What a perfect addition to your growing mini villiage and a sweet way to mark your first anniversary (plus a several weeks)!

Ahhh, it’s so sweet & pretty, your kits are amazing! :heart: