Minature witch bedroom

This is my latest little kit. It is a fairly simple ones, which was what I needed right now. I altered the kit from the original, using different wallpaper, blind, window view pictures and fabrics for the chair and bed. I also added in a few little glasses etc.

The picture on the box is what it should be.

It’s a sister kit to previous one I did-also altered to make it witchy.

And no sooner than I had finished this than I started another-much more complex. This will take a few days to finish


Amazing! Love every little detail!

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I love all the little details, like the pumpkin wallpaper and all the different books.

You’ve posted so many of those kits now that I was nearly tempted to buy one that I saw in the craft store the other day, until I read how many tiny pieces were in it. I’m never going to have the patience to complete one.


This is such the best! I just love it!


I’m planning on converting everyone eventually insert evil laugh here

There are loads of pieces and some are fiddly, but I find it quite soothing and absorbing to do


I love how you personalize it to fit more in your taste! The fabric on the chairs are fabulous and interesting…kits are a great way to give you a starting point for doing your own thing as well!


Love your witchy spin! And of course there are glasses laying about. :wink: :laughing:


Love the way you made it witchy. The pumpkin in the bookshelf, the artwork, the fabric and wall paper changes. It is so much cooler than the original. Awesome.


So great @Edel! I’m so pleased to see how it came together :slight_smile:

I love your version so much more than the original! I think it’s neat that these kits leave room for design creativity, but have everything you need in case you don’t want to make any changes. And, you have almost tempted me into buying a kit. But, I think I’ll try an Altoids tin first- much less intimidating… :slight_smile:

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I love your witchifying details!

Love all your kits :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Congrats! Your Miniature Witch Bedroom is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

There are fun details which really make this a witchy bedroom. Did you paint the artwork for the window view? And where do you get the kits? My sis would love one.

I love this! I think your changes made it better than anything. Very nice for Halloween. Way to go!

I did paint the view it was some paper that hand been randomly watercoloured, I cut out a piece that looked a bit like a landscape and added a few details with a black fine liner

I buy them from AliExpress.com search for dolls house miniature kits. Just be aware that if you haven’t shopped on there before, it’s cheap, but takes about 6 weeks to arrive.

Also @geekgirl mentioned that she had bought one on Walmart online

I searched on walmart.com for DIY dollhouse kit and they have a good selection. The one I ordered was $20 - I wanted to make sure I liked doing it before I bought a nicer one. I no longer see it on the site but I do see a few others that are in the $20-$25 range.

It said it would take 3 weeks to ship but I had it in about 2 weeks.


Ohhh okay, thanks!

Yes, I purchase from Ali… mostly crafting supplies, too, but sometimes swag for geocaching.

I love your alterations! They make it so much more you!