Mini Air Fried Chorizo Empanadas

I’m making a liar of myself today (not liking to cook) what with this being my 3rd cooking related post for today. Eep.

Anywho…another recipe from my new air fryer recipe book was for mini chorizo empanadas.

So, I bought a tube of chorizo (it ended up a “hot” tube but that was fine…and I don’t like spicy!) and I heated it on the stove with some chopped red pepper and shallots. Then, the recipe also called for parsley, but I didn’t have that, so I put in some basil from my garden.

Here it is before the small amount of added basil:

Then, I took a cup and cut out mini circles from Pillsbury prepared pie crust. I was able to get 8 circles from each pie crust. I used 2 pie crusts, so I got 16 circles. Then, I used a spoon and scooped chorizo onto each pie circle. After that, I pushed the sides down enclosing the cooled down chorizo and scalloped the edges. I sprayed the air fryer tray and here they are ready to go in. (I am showing one empanada before it’s closed up.)

So, my air fryer said to do 400 degrees for 10-12 min. I noticed that was either too hot or too many minutes. After about 5 min on my first batch, I took the tray out and flipped the empanadas. This step, I noticed, is very important.

If you notice, the top row is what they look like before flipped at half way point.

My second batch I flipped at about 4 min but then took out completely after about 2 min. My guess is that is because the air fryer was already pretty warm from having been used, whereas the first batch I did closer to 4-5 min after flipping.

My takeaway? Well, this concept worked very well. However, due to the small size of these, they were very crusty. If I make again, I will make larger sized empanadas so there is more filler. Also, my family and I did not care for the taste of the chorizo enough to make it this way again. But, we are willing to try this with a different filling.


Those look amazing!

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I grew up on empanadas…our meat filling was pretty simple…mostly ground beef…but, it has to have raisins… :slight_smile:

I like how your family is willing to try new things…we like spicy foods so chorizo is always in my freezer…maybe chicken fillings would work for you? Anyway, they look good!

Mmmm…chorizo is delicious and these look amazing. Why don’t you just send them my way. :wink:

Interesting addition. I’ve seen olives, but I don’t know if I’ve seen raisins…

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The recipe my mom used had both raisins and olives…she would split the filling since I was the only one who would eat the raisin ones. I ate them all the time when I lived in Panama.

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Mmmmm I love chorizo! I use the soy version by Reynaldo; it’s spicy and flavorful without being HOT.

The empanadas look tasty!

I would have to say I’d skip raisins, too; not a fan of them.

I think the touch of sweet cuts the heat…lol…there are actually debates on that…sort of like pineapple on pizza…you either hate it or love it!

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Oh wow, I’ve never made this. It looks really, really good. I may give it a try!

Those look SO good!

You know what’s interesting? The Afghani place by us puts raisins and carrots on their rice. I LOVE the little bit of sweetness, but Mr. Road…not so much, lol. It definitely adds a whole new layer of flavor. I’m not opposed, just intrigued!

We make empanadas pretty regularly here! I would suggest rolling out your dough a little thinner so they are less doughy and you can make more small ones! For the filling I use ground beef, green chilies, and potatoes all mixed up with whatever seasoning floats your boat.