Mini armoire

“Well, there’s nothing to lose and there’s nothing to prove, so crafting for myself… uh-uh-uh-oh…” Yeah, I’m going to be channeling Billy Idol all day now…

Anyway. Excuse the moment of mild insanity.

I made this!

The door opens and so does the drawer inside! The black rectangle is a magnet for the magnetic closure.

I made it to match my other miniature stuff:


And I got a matching one! I’ll post pictures next week, when I get home.


What an adorable set! Great job!

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ACK! So ding dang cute!

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Wow these are fabulous. How did you make them?


You are rocking those miniatures! Love the tassel detail!

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Thanks, everyone!

@Edel - These are all made from mat board and card stock (the bureau does have a couple of wood pieces as well). The first one I made was the Secretary and I found a tutorial and pattern on a blog called I learned SO MUCH from that tutorial! I tweaked it to make the door and drawers functional, by cutting holes for the drawers and gluing thin pieces of mat board on the sides for rails that support the drawers. I made the door hinge from a thin strip of cotton, folded in half lengthwise.

The bureau was my own design, just a simple box really, with drawers in it. The armoire was made possible by the things I’d learned previously. Oh, and the mirror was made from a plastic plate I found at the dollar store. Brads for drawer pulls on all the drawers and embroidery floss for tassels.

That probably didn’t really answer your question…


It did, because my question was badly phrased, I was more interested in the materials. Did you find the mat board difficult to cut cleanly at such a small scale? I use grey board to make glitter houses at Christmas and I find it a PITA tbh, but it is a tad thicker than mat board

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The mat board isn’t bad if you’re patient. I find it easier to make several light cuts and get through the material gradually than to try to push hard on my knife and get through it in a single cut. I make more mistakes by trying to cut hard.

K, first, whoa. Amazing detail, just fabulous!
Next, is this for a bigger project? I am very excited to find out!

Have you tried a rotary cutter? I use one with great success cutting book boards. It helps to have a thick quilting ruler with stabilizing grip to hold it super steady.

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These are so cute! I have been watching SO many tutorials on making miniature furniture and haven’t tried it myself yet. Very inspiring!

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Thanks, guys!

@Magpie I use my rotary cutter for fabric only. Perhaps if I had a heavier quilting ruler it would be okay here but I’m a klutz and a bit nervous about the possibility of coming away from that a finger or two lighter. :grimacing:

As far as a larger project… I hope to one day have a ridiculously large dollhouse and these would find a home there I imagine.

@Lothruin I did the same thing! Watched several before taking the plunge. That blog has a lot of tutorials on it.


That is fabulous! You are so talented!

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Thank you!! :heart::heart:

:rainbow: Congratulations! Your great craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects!


Awesome! Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You have amazing skills!
Such a wonderful set of miniature furniture!

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Here’s the lovely version @bunny1kenobi made for me.

I love it. I may design a room around it.


Thanks, @madebyBeaG and @steiconi! I’m really glad you like it!!


You are so clever!! These are beautiful!

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