Mini art journal

I got this mini journal from @Smmarrt - she decorated the cover. I did the inside.
It was a fun challenge working on a small book.

Here are some of the pages


So much awesome in such a small space! I am most partial to the starry city night spread with the stand-out, lively buildings. :star_struck:

This is awesome! I love all of it! :grin:

The buildings are pieces of cardstock cut and glued down before painting!


Love this small scale art!

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My favorites are the night sky, balloons on the black background, and the red circles. They are all spectaculal.


These are excellent! Such a cool little book!

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I see you have been a good pupil of those art videos we have been doing on Zoom! I recognize the techniques from our crafting sessions!

I really love how you made them so small…


I can see how working this small would be both fun and challenging. You did a great job with it.

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I love this! It is so wonderful.

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