Mini Book for ATCs

I made this book for the mini book swap for @thanate. She wanted something to hold ATCs. I tried a couple of methods for real signatures but it just made the book too bulky. I ended up spiral binding it so there would be plenty of room for expansion.



I think I need a spiral binder machine… :slight_smile:

Actually, I was thinking how I could store my happy mail pieces…something like this would be great…



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LOOOVE the paper you chose for the cover! Such a great idea for a swap item! This turned out fantastic!

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Wonderful solution and a great way to keep acts! All the fun papers and pockets!

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I can almost feel the thickness and texture. Your execution was thoughtful and well done.

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I love the idea of pockets for the ATCs, not only are they unmounted, but in order to view them they have to be physically engaged with. This is really great!

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What an amazing idea to hold ATCs. I love the different papers and textures you used. Super clever and gorgeous too.

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This is absolutely brilliant - I love the way it looks and the way it functions! @AIMR is right, something like this would be perfect for keeping happy mail in.