Mini bouganvillia tutorial

Start with colored paper. The green is painted computer paper, the pinks and red are wrapping tissue. Color variations make more realistic flowers.

Punch out a LOT of pieces. Punch several layers at once, or the tissue will get stuck in the punch.
I used a teardrop shape punch; a plain dot works well for many kinds of flowers, leaves look better with a point, but you could punch dots and cut them in half. You can even buy a bag of tissue confetti and use that.

Cut a green wire (you could paint it).
Use a little glue to wrap 1/2" in tissue scrap.
Lightly coat the tissue end with glue and sprinkle with the punched tissue shapes. Let dry.
Spread a thin layer of glue on the stem and lightly sprinkle with green punched shapes.


Love bouganvillia!

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I have been looking for some easy miniature flowers for my garden diorama for my brother! Thanks! I have all of these things on hand! They are quite lovely!


You can use these basic steps for any kind of clustering flower.
Short stems and leaves of narrow triangles look like hyacinths,
Round balls of flowers make hydrangeas…

And you can spend more time, shaping petals and placing them precisely, for more realistic flowers.


So delicate and pretty.

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