Mini Harry Potter Book Chest

I made this mini Harry Potter book chest filled with books for the one tiny thing swap back in 2020. Back in the days of the old site, I had participated in a swap in which I made some Harry Potter book ornaments. At that time, I created full covers for each of the books that included front, back, and spine. I used some pictures found on the internet and I also went to a local bookstore and took pictures of the three cover elements.

When I saw that my OTT swap partner liked Harry Potter and doll sized miniatures, I decided to resurrect those book covers and make another set of mini books. The interiors of the books are made with foam core board. I used an exacto knife to create striations reminiscent of book pages.

I found images online of Harry Potter book chests and created a small one to house all the books (at the time, the chests also had ‘Fantastic Beasts’ pictures on them. If I were to redo this project, I would use a pic that was just HP). I covered the book covers and the outside of the book chest with a clear vinyl. Once the chest was filled with books and ready to go, I placed it all in an 2.5" x 3.5" Amazon box that I had created using a box we had on hand as an example.

A single book:

All the books:

The book chest:

The bottom of the ‘shipping’ box:

All boxed up, ready to ship:


Oh my gosh this is perfection!! No detail left unattended to! Even the shipping box!!! :joy:

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Wow-wow-wow! This is amazing - so much detail!

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Woah, these are amazing!

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Those look like actual books. I had to read and reread the post! Amazing!

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Oh my gosh, everything about this is amazing but that shipping box? Convincingly lifesized, wow!

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