Mini nature books/journals

I hope this is the right spot! Sharing the mini nature books I made. Each one is from a single piece of paper, and the insides are accordion folded :wink: cat assistant included.


My assistant…


Wow! These are so pretty and charming!

Those are so cute!
And a cute assistant.

I love these! Did you do the artwork?

Thank you :wink: I designed the books and pages in procreate, the mushroom and deer cover images are from creative Fabrica and the owl is from a vintage postcard :slight_smile:

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Oh, wow, I love them!

These are super cute. The mushroom one is my favorite. Your kitty is so sweet!!

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These are gorgeous!

I love the sepia color palette you used! The antlers on the deer are wonderful.

Beautiful! I love them all, but the mushrooms are my fav - they look especially magical.

Congratulations! Your project was one of the Best of 2021! Yoooooou ROCK!