Mini open-flat purse thingy, for art supplies

Sewingtimes is an awesome resource on YouTube. @magpie introduced me to the channel.

She’s has dozens of step by step video tutorials on making all kinds of bags and purses. With no chatter and v few ad breaks, .
Some projects are simple, some not so much.

I made this one today. Not so simple. I added an elastic strap so that I can wrap it around my notebook. It’s filled with art supplies for a sketching field trip tomorrow. The cool thing about it is that it opens flat, so everything is really accessible.

It’s a dinky wee thing.

And fits perfectly on my A4 notebook.

And it opens up so you can see everything.

The central section has a flap that closes down with snaps, but when opened is also a good size

All ready for my trip tomorrow


This is so cute! And cool!

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Turned out great! Sweet fabrics. Did you make the journal as well?
Looks tricky, I’m going to find the video & check it out.


Pretty cool idea to add the strap…what a great way to carry supplies!

Love the fabrics you chose as well…I also like that channel, but, yeah, some of the projects are pretty involved! Good job making something useful and lovely!

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Yes I did, I always make my own journals, they look fab when they’re all filled and on the shelf, this is about number 12. The fabric on the cover of the journal is from a piece of art I made and had printed on spoonflower.

It is a tricky little thing to make, but she explains everything so clearly. Of course mine is nowhere as neat as hers!


Such a cool pattern! Love the fabrics you chose for it, too.

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Have a wonderful, arty trip!

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oh wow that looks so cool and beyond my sewing skills lol.

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This is just so cool and handy!! Love everything about it.

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It’s adorable AND looks like a wonderful solution for art supplies on-the-go! I hope the trip is a very good one!

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I wanted to try that one! Looks awesome in these fabrics.

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It worked pretty well, it isn’t designed for art supplies, it would be perfect for make up while traveling.

I think I would redesign it a little for art supplies, make it a little longer and perhaps add a bit of elastic in the inside to hold pencils.

This is it filled

And these are some of the quick sketches from today, we were in a mini natural history museum attached to a university biology department.

Bat skeletons are really cool, all the fingers in the wings are jointed.


Wow! That is super cool!!

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Thank you, it is a nice pattern, but definitely fiddly. And you need bias binding which she doesn’t mention in the cutting list. Plus some mesh fabric for the inside pockets- I cut up a bra bag that you use in the washing machine

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love those sketches

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What a neat bag, it’s like a mini backpack for your notebook. Both the construction and your fabric choices look great!

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:zap::rotating_light: Wee-ooo! Wee-ooo! Congratulations! Your terrific craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rotating_light: :zap:

I love this pouch and your sketches are great!

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Geez. That is deceptively cool! I thought it was just a ppuch, but its so much more! Awesome.

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Aw thanks honey x

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