Miniature Book Nook

I became completely obsessed with making a book nook when I saw @MissingWillow post hers. I finished a few minutes ago. I kind of want to jump in and live there.

Of course I had to have a sweets shop/ bakery


So many choices that I adore in this. Great job on the cobblestone. Adore the bunting flags, the little table, the colors. Great job my friend!

Oh, what a happy little space. I want to jump in and live there too!

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This is adorable. I think this will be added to my to-do list as well. What a great little escape these are. :heart:

Just love it! Now I want to make one, too!

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I love the little balcony! And, I could absolutely imagine myself sitting there with a cup of tea, a fresh scone, and my book, and being entirely happy!

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So cute I love it :heart_eyes:

So cute!

Great job!
I love book nooks, they are so enchanting.

So cool! I want to wander in for a cup of tea and a scone.