Miniature Flower Pots for Baby Succulents

I recently made these flower pots but missed posting them for the Miniaturize Your Craft challenge. I was on the fence about whether they really fit the prompt of the challenge, but I spend a LOT of my free time tending to my vast collection of houseplants and succulents, so it feels like a huge part of me and what I do.

They are made of polymer clay and have a whee drain hole. Here’s my make shift garden bench (a 4" terracotta pot). This is real garden soil and babies from my Mother of Thousands plant:

And now I’m going to leave them in my sunroom and see how they do! Hey… what’s that coming? OH MY GOODNESS - NOOOOOOO!!!


OMG, that slug came out of nowhere and ate your tiny plant! :cry:

Please pass the salt.


Oh my goodness! EEEEPPPPP! How dare that little slug take off with those beautiful succulents.


oh my goodness! Love it!!

This is like ‘caught on Ring’ footage! Have you sent it to the police? Maybe they can nab your suspect.

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HAHAHAHA!!! So funny!

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LOL The pots are darling, and how dare that slug!

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How rude, that slug just plowed right over your baby pots and filched the plants! Hope you catch him!

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That’s the speediest slug around!

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That slug!!!

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:joy::joy::joy: Love it!!! Adorable tiny pots and plants too!!

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oh those tiny pots would surely fit into my miniature garden scene I am working on!

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Love the live action shot!

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So much adorableness! I love the tiny pots and the cute slug

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Oh my goodness, that slug!

I have never seen a slug leap like that one, he was clearly in quite the hurry!

These are super cute!! My gardener’s heart is so happy that you added drainage holes to them. I can barely find regular sized pots with holes.

They are tiny and oh so perfect.