Miniature Gothic Dresser

Everyone needs a miniature gothic dresser with an eyeball, creepy painting and a copy of Dracula. I made this for @MightyMitochondria in the miniatures/whimsie swap. The drawers open so she can keep all her ghoulish trinkets safe.


It’s awesome!

Love this!

Frightful! Delightful!

This is so freakin’ cool!

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This instantly brought to mind the gothic mirror you can obtain in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I love this!

Great job, @kittykill!

I love this so, so much! @kittykill filled the drawers with loads of Gothic bits and bobs. I can hardly wait to decorate the top with all those treasures. I particularly love the clever way she created the impression of a mirror without glass. It is much spookier this way. Thank you, kittykill!

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Also, that freaky eyeball keychain open and closes when you tip it just like baby dolls that “sleep” when you lie them down. It is so cool.

Totally rad!

I love it all! I especially love the touch of the dashing gentleman on the dresser. There’s a story there!

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This is SO cool! I love the marbling effect on the drawers, and the mirror is very cool! And the goodies you’ve displayed on top set it off perfectly!

The dresser is great. I love the touches of the marbled drawer fronts and the items on top of it.

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The dashing genius lenticular; his face changes when you turn the photo!