Miniature Halloween Cabinet

Here’s a miniature cabinet I made to celebrate the spooky season.

I wanted to include a Madame Leota crystal ball, and made one from a printed image, some roving and a miniature snow globe.

The ghosts were made by gluing snips of a scrapbook border to small blocks of wood painted white.


I love this !!! Especially Madame Leota!

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(Un)holy cats! This is so dang charming and fun! I love how many details there are with also being some comforting negative space. And those sweet orange polka dots! ACK!


The Madame Leota head!!! Brilliant!
@FrankenCher new squad goals!

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You guys are making my day. Thanks so much!

Awesome mini Halloween cabinet. That tiny crystal ball is top notch. Love this!!

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Very nice!! I really like how the skeletal bat presides over the whole cabinet!

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Adorable! Each little item is perfection. And such a clever use of the bat sticker.

OMG I need this! I love literally everything about this. That tiny Ouija board is so precious! And the Madame Leota ball is incredible. Cheers all around.

O M F G!!! That is outSTANDing!!! Witty bitty little Leota!! Absolutely gorgeous work, SO dang impressed!!! <3 <3 <3

Thanks so much, everyone!!!


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The tiny ghosts are too adorable. I have a growing obsession with miniatures and this piece is just so fun.

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This is so cute.
I love the heads in jars…and the bat…and the crystal ball…and the ghosts. Ok, I might love everything about it!

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Congrats! Your Miniature Halloween Cabinet is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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Thank you!

I’m totally stealing the head in a jar idea, those are great!

Thank you! Google it, there are a few images available to print out.