Miniature Halloween Market Stall

I have one final Halloween project to share for this season- a Halloween sweets & treats market stall using supplies from Alpha Stamps.

The bat shelf is made from a chipboard bat and small piece of basswood.

Here are all the goodies tucked into the niche, which is just a half inch deep.

Eyeball images glued onto cabochons went into the cauldron.

I painted little bowls and filled them with polymer cane candy slices.

I made some apples from green polymer clay and shaded them with pastel chalk after they were baked.

Toothpick sticks were glued in place and they were dipped in a mixture of Glossy Accents and red paint.

The decorated egg basket is a replica of a full size one my girls and I made when they were little.

The cotton candy is made from layers of roving tucked into tiny cellophane bags. I painted a few tiny clothespins to hold them in place.

For sure one of my favorite Halloween projects ever!


EEEEP! I love this so much! GAH! You are so talented!


this makes me so insanely happy!!!


This is utterly charming! I love all the fab halloween sweet treats you created for the tiny market stall.


So adorable!
And impressive. I’m so amazed by miniatures because I know there’s no way I could do them without cursing, breaking things, and possibly crying. Haha.


Thanks everyone! @MegAskunk I often do a test run on stuff to cut down on the cursing… For instance, those tiny eggs started out twice that size. I also glittered a test eye cabochon to see if I could make ‘sugared’ eyes and didn’t like how it came out.


All part of the joys of crafting!

Cute stall!


Looking at it is so incredible, then you show the tiny details and it’s even better! I could never come up with such tiny little things. They look amazing.


Every single element is incredibly clever. I love it!

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This is so cute and full of creativity. Walking us through some of your techniques makes me appreciate every detail more. I love the cauldron of eyes! :eyes:


I don’t know how to even function after those itty bitty candy apples! And the candy corn? It’s all so divine.


I love this, you are so talented at these miniatures.

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Thank you all so much!

OOO this is going to be so fun for all those miniature trick or treaters. Don’t be surprised if everything is gone Sunday morning. Those little trick or treaters can slip through any crack.


I don’t think there’s a single part of this that doesn’t wow me in some way or another. Like @MegAskunk, I’m constantly in awe of miniatures because they’re so far out of my wheelhouse. I really like those little candied apples. We’ll say that part is my favorite (until I look at it again and swoon over something else).


You guys are all so sweet, thank you!

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WHOA. As I kept scrolling down to new photos I became more and more speechless. I LOVE IT!

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Love this so much! I’ve been working on something with treats as well. Looking like it will be for next Halloween :rofl: Now I have some additional inspiration!

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Congrats! Your Miniature Halloween Market Stall is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

This is so sweet :heart_eyes: