Miniature house kit #14-i can't believe I've done this many!

It’s been ages since I have done one of these. They were my prop and mainstay during a lot of Covid. Especially during lockdowns and when my creativity was absent. But since life has gone back to normal I’ve been doing other things. However I did have two on my shelf unmade. So this is the work of the last few days.

It’s a sweet little kit, I’ve learned to avoid ones with too many plants-so much teensy cutting, and too many wire elements-constantly sticking them my fingers with super glue.

And with the lights off.

Clothes peg for scale, because I can’t find a Matchbox

I need some suggestions from you creative people about what to do with them, 14 little houses take up a lot of shelf room. I am thinking I could create people for them, with back stories. But there must be something more interesting I could add/do/display


It’s amazing!
And your 14th, wow!

Love it!

If you’re willing to part with any of them you could maybe find locations that would like to display them like a library or coffee shop. Especially if you could match the mini to some elements of the location.

In my house I would love to have almost hidden little scenes like this in random spots around the house (like as if the Borrowers or Littles had made homes in the back of a cupboard or high up on a seldom used shelf. Dusting them might be tricky, though.

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FOURTEEN!? Wow! This one does have a specific charm to it to my eye. Maybe as it’s a little sleeker in design style? It looks like an ad for AirBnB - homey and comfortable, but not overly stark.

My image of displaying them is a vertical/columnar floating shelf arrangement from near floor to near ceiling. But, OY, the dusting!


Well it’s not like they’re getting dusted at the moment. :grin:


Ooh, I love both of these ideas.

Whoa! Color me impressed. 14?!?!? This one is magnificent and honestly, I was impressed before I knew how small it was and then I saw the one with the clothespin in it and holy smokes! This is sooo tiny and magnificent.

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This looks like such a cozy little apartment! I didn’t realize just how small it is until that last picture with the clothespin. Holy moly, it’s tiny, which makes it even more impressive!

My impractical idea: Hide them inside your walls with tiny windows for peeking into them :laughing:


Ever since you started posting yours, I’ve wanted to do one but now I have no extra space for them. Guess I’ll just keep admiring yours.

That would be excellent, :joy: a tad impractical alright.

@Cindy they are fun to do and some of them are really small so they don’t take up much space.

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It is so wonderfully detailed and tiny!

I’ve taken your idea, although I’ve put them all between books in the library, they are safer there.