Miniature kitchen, latest kit build

This is my latest kit, it was a very cheap one from AliExpress, about $8 I think. You definitely get what you pay for with these. This was a very tricksy build. Lots of tiny paper items to construct and then wrap wire around them?! The pieces of toast were three separate pieces of paper.

It’s very small

It is cute, i just like the the fridge. That was a solid moulded piece.

The instructions were in English this time, but they weren’t great.

This did come with a plastic cover, that was in four pieces. But I did a rubbish job of gluing them together (superglue- maybe I should have used something else) glue smeared in the corners and it’s etched the plastic, but I was undecided about the cover in any case, so I’m not heartbroken about not being able to use it.

All in all, I’m glad it’s not the first kit I’ve made, because I think I’d have given up, but I like the look of it now that it’s done. I don’t have the correct size batteries for the lights, so I can’t show it to you lit up.


ACK! This is so dang cute! I can’t believe all the teeny tiny details! Sounds like a real challenge, too. :wink:

It still looks great, even if the initial quality wasn’t. I like the little stools, and you’re right, that fridge is fabulous!

The stools are seriously wonky! Bloody super glue again, I need something better! That grabs fast and doesn’t run everywhere

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That’s adorable! I love the pink fridge :slight_smile:

Hot glue would probably be too gloppy, I’d expect. What about Super Tacky Glue?

I’m using tacky glue, which is an improvement on regular PVA, I read somewhere that there’s a viscous super glue, which would probably be good. The glue area on some of this bits is so small, that it really needs a fast grab. But I’ll check out super tacky if I can get it on Amazon here.

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I didn’t know I needed a pink fridge until now! Love it!

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So much detail in so little space for such a low price…AND it lights up!?! Great job working with such minute pieces – 3D paper toast!!!

Loctite makes a fantastic super-type glue in gel form; I’ve gotten it at drug stores, art/craft stores, hardware stores, big box stores – pretty much any place that carries glue. And of course it can be found online. It has a very small tip allowing precise dabbing on of the gel and the cap secures with a twist that both prevents clogging and doesn’t end up getting glued to the nozzzle. Loctite 1 Loctite 2


That’s so cute!

I think you actually want an adhesive that melts the plastic to bond it, sorry, I forget what it’s called. I got mine at a place that sells the sheet acrylic, but don’t have it any more to check the name. Adhesive for model making should work.

But you could hide the clouding by cutting strips of paper and folding them lengthwise to fit over each join. Or use strips of veneer, much nicer.

I need that glue in my life! Thank you for that suggestion

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I know the glue you mean. They call it something like solvent cement, it’s specially for this kind of plastic. I should try and get some. Thanks for the suggestions to hide the clouding.

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It’s so cute, I love the smeg fridge :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:and stool bar chairs… great job! :+1:t3:

And the postman delivered me a new kit today :grin::grin::grin::grin:


You are killing me with these kits! I love them.

This is super cute!