Miniature number two, an easier kit, but I altered it

The postman brought me this miniature today, I ordered this month’s and months ago. It’s a much easier one that the first one I’ve done, but they arrived in the wrong order. Still I was delighted and have been working on it for hours. It’s now done. It took about 5 hours all up.

Clothes pin for scale

I turned it into a witchy reading room. By altering the wallpaper, the books and I chose a different fabric to make the chaise lounge. Plus added a few details from the potterverse

A piece from a flow painting provided a suitably gothic view out the window.

The fabric on the chaise longue is a small piece of designer fabric I bought in London in the 80s. I bought enough to make a coat, but never did, in the end I gifted it to a deadster person. But I kept a scrap and thought it might be nice immortalised in this set, because I don’t know what became of the bulk of the fabric. I made two teeny cusions, and of course a wand

This is how the kit should have looked

And this is the two kits together, with the lights on


Your version is much cooler!

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I love the changes you made!

I LOVE your rendition. The best!

Your version is so much kewl-er!! Love that fainting couch!!

Your alterations are so fantastic. I love the skully theme. :skull::skull::skull:

Witchy is way better! What an awesome little room.

Would it be a huge imposition to ask you to take a photo with a ruler in the middle of the book store? I’m so tempted to make one of these rooms for the creatures I make, but I suspect the room is too small to feature them properly.
No problem if you aren’t interested in doing that. :slight_smile:

Not a problem, I’ll get that for you

I love both of them!

@Harlan here ya go. I wasn’t sure whether you wanted Imperial or metric, so this gives you both. Let me know if you need any other measurements. I would love to see your tiny creatures populate a room like this

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Thank you!!
Thank you!!
Thank you thank you!! :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet:

Well done! I love the witchy vibe!

Such wonderful changes you made!! Love the teeny pillows and the colorful chaise!

It is nice to have a base and then customize it…if only they didn’t take forever to arrive…I can’t wait to see the others you ordered as well!!

I adore this! And, your modifications really kick it up a notch! The little pillows are a great addition, the chaise fabric is perfect, and I love the wallpaper! I didn’t notice the skulls the first time I looked at it. The tiny bunting is amazing, too!

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They both look wonderful!

That’s a great memory in the chair fabric, and it looks fabulous too!

Love it, I love the reading area, great stuff, I love how busy it is. Your lounge are So much better than the original model! :+1:t3:


Yes, yours is much better, and I’m glad you saw the potential in the rather dull original. But I have to admit I would’ve loved to see you in a coat made of that fabric!

Me too tbh, I’m rather sorry I gave it away.