Miniature Shadowbox

This started out as a kit and turned into a borrower’s house. I built the cabinet and tried to make the chair which ended up a disaster. No worries though.,. I made it into something I like much better.


I can totally imagine this as a peek into a real, cozy, wee, home. So perfect!

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So sweet!

So sweet! And I think I may spy a whimsy or two that I sent you in a swap…
:hearts: :cake:

Ah, this is adorbs. Just look at all that wee homey detail, makes things so lived & loved in, you know?
@kittykill will you make more miniatures or have you accomplished all your tiny dreams already?

This looks like a really great room to shrink down and use the sewing machine in!

Very cool and I love how it’s framed. Did that came as part of the kit? Or did you do that. Either way, I like it!

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What a cute little scene!

Thanks all! I @Magpie I have so many more planned!

Oh… reeeally… hmm…

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I LOOOOOOOOVE IT! So cute! All those little details make things like this really work.