Miniature tea shop

I fell in love with this kit online, mostly because I really miss going to tea shops with my friends-bloody Covid!

The finished result is very sweet, I might have to go and bake a cake later.

Pros of this kit
-very cute
-some premade cakes
-‘clay’ to make the rest of the cakes (it was a weird foamy clay that dried overnight, dried to a squishy texture
-no fiddly tiny plant leaves to cut out.

-the worst instructions of all of the kits I’ve made.
-many parts the same size and the numbering diagram is confusing.

Edit: FFS I’ve just realised I’ve glued the bookshelf on facing the wall. :sob: That’s what you get when you craft on no breakfast after a bad nights sleep.

This is it re-glued and the picture on the wall straightened.

Battery pack for scale


I think this is my favorite of all the ones you’ve done so far. Just darling

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Oh, how I want to shrink down and sit there with a cuppa and a sweet with friends in this wee shop! I’ll even bring my own chair! :upside_down_face:


How adorable! I’m glad you included the battery pack for scale because jeez…it’s way tinier than I imagined.


I want to spend the afternoon there with you @Edel!


I thought the same thing! It is way smaller than I was thinking.
Whew. I can’t imagine. It looks amazing but I know constructing it would drive me bonkers. It’s so tiny!!!

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Yes, it looks so inviting!! And yes, I miss going to a tea shop and having tea and cake with friends the most. Or just drinking tea and eating home baked cake. My mum has visited me a few times this year, but it’s not the same with the windows open for ventilation and doing the social distancing dance in our narrow living room.

So cute and detailed…so tiny…not sure my fat fingers could even hold onto those tiny pieces…the little pictures are just so cute and I like the mix of tiles and floor covering they gave you…just like real shops…a mix of everything!

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This is so dang cute! You did such an amazing job -the poor instructions didn’t seem to have any negative impact at all!!

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me too @MistressJennie

I skipped a detail or two in the original plans because they were stupidly small, for example the coffee machine needed two paper tubes cut out and glued underneath for the spouts, they would have been not much more than 2mm in diameter, that is 0.07 of an inch. So I used a screw clasp for jewellery making instead, snipped off the loop and glued them on.

Miniatures are challenging, but I learn something from each one.

if you have 20 minutes to spare, check this video out, this guy is the master

DIY. Forgotten shrine and guardian diorama
[ruined temple on a hill with sea monster](【thalassophobia/Aquaphobia/Cryptid/Creature/Resinart】 - Bing video


Aww! I love it! I laughed at your comment about cutting fiddly leaves out since I’m currently building the greenhouse one. :laughing: Haven’t gotten to the leaves yet but I’m not looking forward to it.


I recommend wine



I don’t have a lot of paper punches, but most of them are shaped like tiny leaves or flowers. It makes mini crafting so much easier.


smacks on forehead that is a genius idea!


That video was amazing…I am still amazed how miniaturists can see such detail and recreate them…he did a fantastic job on the paint job…

I held my breathe when he started cutting up and breaking some of the pieces he had just made…omg…that took courage but the results were fantastic…


I know!! I wanted to shout at the screen at that point.

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Tea shop! :heart_eyes:

I love this so hard!

I watched a couple more of his videos. This dude is a genius. Such detail! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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