Miniature toy store

So, this miniature toy store was made (mostly) by hand by my late grandfather and late grandmother.
It was something that I grew up playing with… but since it’s AT LEAST 50 years old, it has fallen into complete disrepair.
I’m going to consider it a “completed project” that I’m refurbishing. I need to somehow pry up the floor boards of the store, re-glue them, and re-stain and seal them. And so, so, so much more…

This was handwritten by my grandmother, and “Mr. Downs” was my grandfather. And yes, that was their phone number.

Re-glueing the decorative bits back onto the lights

With my little helper :woman_facepalming:t3:

Some extra little details!

A little update;
All the hot glue that was used to secure everything down has aged so bad that it is now very tacky, like sap… I’m cleaning it off of EVERYTHING… the shelves, the window shelf, the walls (???) it’s so gross.

Ok, now the floor is (mostly) up, there are 4 stubborn bits of wood left, I’m just going to work around them.
I’ve sanded down all the old glue from the floor, and I’ll be sanding all the bits of wood next. My goal is to re-glue, sand one more time, then seal. Any ideas on what to use to seal it?


@geekgirl and a few of us have discussed redoing our old dollhouses…so it will be fantastic to see your re-do!

So many tiny things…how cool to have this!


What a wonderful project! Will you add new tiny toys as you refurbish it?

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So amazing! I hope you’ll share pics of the completed project!

Ooh, I love the bundle of letters & the phone box! :green_heart: Definitely looking forward to seeing more as you work on this.

What a treasure! I also hope you’ll share when you’re finished and hope that you’ll add your own little touches.

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What a sweet thing to do. I’d love to see how you refurbish it. It looks like they put a lot of love into it.

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Oh my that is incredible!!!

I need to re-do the electrical bits… any clue where I could find the wiring stuff? I want to try to keep the original electrical elements if possible, but I’m willing to change it out.

I’d do a search for “dollhouse lighting” or “repairing dollhouse lights” since there’s a whole specialty niche for things like that and model train electronics. You might be able to re-wire what needs it, or to replace the bulbs with new LEDs in the old fixtures, but probably won’t need to replace the whole thing.

I love all the bits just laying there, waiting to be placed away.

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