Miscellaneous ATCs from 2020

I made a lot of ATCs in 2020 :no_mouth: Here are the rest that don’t fit in with my other posts :sweat_smile: Some were for swaps, some were “just because” happy mail, and one is just for me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I guess that one’s an Artist Keeping Card? AKC? :rofl:

“Make a Wish” August 2020 - Cardstock, masterboard, stamped letters, and stickers.

“Luminous” August 2020 - Masterboard background, glittery gold paper, washi tape, stickers, and text.

“Rainbow Moonbeams” August 2020 - Masterboard background, washi tape, stickers, and text.

“Don’t Leave the Milk There” August 2020 - Scrapbook paper, washi tape, text, and watercolor painting. The line is from the stage play “Pack of Lies”

“Choose to Shine” October 2020 - Masterboard background (I believe made by @anna.wahnsinn), stickers, and text.

“Rainy Day Play” October 2020 - Masterboard background, masterboard raindrops, stickers, and text.

“Scrap Happy Joy” December 2020 - Gelli print background, gelli print scraps, and chipboard (?) letters.

“A Short Cut to Mushrooms” December 2020 - Gelli print music page, gelli print paper, sticker, text, and postage stamp. This one is my AKC :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for looking! :heart:


These are great…such a fun assortment.
You’ve inspired me to play with my paper stash again!

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I have JOY! It arrived this week along with your lovely letter. I am writing in return :).

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“Make a Wish” looks awfully familiar :grinning:. I’m also really drawn to “Luminous.”

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Yay!!! I didn’t want to give it away here in case you hadn’t received it yet :grin: So glad it made it safely!!! And quickly!!! I just got a letter this week that was sent to me back in November :flushed:

hahahaha :smile: I had forgotten who I sent that one to for some reason! Thanks for the reminder :grin: