Mixed Media Art Inspired by Shawn Petite

I recently came across Shawn Petite on YouTube and really like her work. She does chat quite a bit so you may want to mute the video if you don’t like that kind of thing.

This piece inspired me for 2 recent swaps.

This was for the recent 4x6 art swap and went to @jemimah. It was done on watercolor paper.

And this was done in cradle board for @photojenn in the Santa’s Sack Swap. I had a different output in mind but it wasn’t coming together so many many layers later I reverted back to Shawn’s piece as inspiration although I left the dry wall tape in place - gives lot of texture!


Love them…lots of texture and color. I like the black grungy look as well.

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These are both gorgeous - I’m very lucky to have one! The black gives real depth to the pretty colours and I love the texture in the surface.

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Wow, these are fantastic! I feel like her style and yours mesh really well together. Love the organic element on the bottom one.

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Love that color purple and the style. Beautifully done.

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Really liking the brightness of that yellow in the first one & the cherry hot cross buns in the second.

Love them both! And super happy one came to live at my house :smiley:

These are fantastic–I love all the layers and color. Fun project, thanks for posting it to inspire us. :grinning:

The colors and texture and details and EVERYTHING about these is great! They’re grungy and bright and beautiful. :slight_smile: