Mixed Media Collage with Paper & Fabric

Last month I took a mixed media collage class at my local library’s makerspace. I’m pretty happy with the results, especially considering it was my first time and I had no control over the supplies provided (the class was free, so no complaints). I did go rogue at one point and start applying the paper towels that had been put out for cleanup, though.

Thanks for looking!

Note: I wasn’t quite sure where to post this. I tagged it as decor, but mods, please advise if there’s a better place for it.


Really cool. What did they class advise you use these for? Cuz ya know, it could totally be a masterboard. :slight_smile:

Haha, it’s on a canvas wrapped around a frame, so I’ll probably hang it. Right now it’s leaning on a shelf.

That said, I did get to take home my extra scraps, so there may be a related masterboard in the future…


It could be a canvas masterboard. :slight_smile: (Although it looks cool as is) But, sweet deal on having extra supplies to play with.

Fabulous work! It looks like it fun to make :grinning:

Haha! Rogue crafting is the best!


Is there any other way?


It might have been free, but if you learn something then it’s worth it, you can always buy and do more later on.

I like the autumn feel of this :smiley:

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That’s what I like about it too. The background colors bring your attention to the leaves.

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Pretty cool that your library offered this. I, too, applaud the rogue crafting. It does look nice! Now that you are the captain of your own fate, what would you do differently in terms of color or other supplies?

That’s a really good question. There was a yellow paper in my supply pack I felt didn’t quite go with the rest of the colors, at least not the way I wanted. Ditto for a dark brown one that I did end up using a little bit of, and that floral paper the cactus(?) cutout came from. So I ended up constraining myself a bit on the background by ruling out so many options. Enter the paper towels…

I’m not a huge floral person, so given free reign I’d probably go a different route on the embellishments layer – maybe incorporate text.


And that’s a good answer! I don’t see yellow really going with those colors, either. Text embellishments would be cool in future projects.