Mixed media digital garden art

I haven’t been doing much traditional crafting/art lately, and am missing the creative outlet. I downloaded an app called Bazaart to do some of my social media work and started playing around with digital collages this week. I am now really obsessed with it!

I take about a million garden photos a week (that’s a sight exaggeration, but not much) and have been wanting to do something fun with them. So my flowers are now the subject of these collages. Not sure what I will do with these pieces, but they have been fun to make. If you have ideas for things I can do with them, please share!


These are lovely! I love how bright and cheerful they are. :slight_smile:

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I love the mix of photos and crafty bits like rhinestones and pearls

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Thank you both! I am trying to make them feel like traditional mixed media. I was surprised by the app options for all of that.

oooh - goes and searches… I will have to try this. your results are lovely

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Thank you! It is an app you have to pay for (I think around $6 a month) but I honestly use it a LOT for so many projects. It does some pretty great photoshop-esque stuff in a super easy way. (Has to be easy for me!)

These are beautiful!

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Thank you! :heart:

Congrats! Your project was one of the best of 2021! You are awesome!

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No way! That’s so awesome!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: