Model Magic Mini Mushroom Faux-Planter

Last week, @GeekyBookworm and I went to a hand-building clay learnshop where we made planters like this. We are waiting for them to go through their first fire before we paint them, which inspired me to make a miniature version out of model magic.

Here it is from the bottom.

And the inside.

I am falling in love with model magic.



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Cute! Love that you guys did a workshop together, too. :heart:

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These are adorable. Do they have a hole in the middle to release excess water? How does Model Magic hold up to water?

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I’m not going to actually plant anything real. It’s tiny. Maybe some crafty bits. I don’t know about MM and water.


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Cute! I like the brightness of the red mushrooms against the brown of the bowl. The shape reminds me of rope bowls. I love the idea of making planters - what a fun way to spend time together!


I missed the “faux” part, sorry. They would be adorable as ring holders, etc. How big are they?

I just added the “faux” part in. This one is about 3",so yes, could be ring holder. I just called it a planter because it was inspired by the actual planter
GeekyBookworm and I made in our learnshop.

Those are clay and were created big enough to be real planters(without a hole, so would need a plastic piece to set in). I’ll make a separate post on that when we have them painted and home.


Cute! The mushrooms turned out so cute!

Ooh, that looks perfect for a small crochet cactus… :eyes: