Moderator Profile - kittykill!

It’s my pleasure to present a little Q&A from our own dear @kittykill.

You’ve been our fearless leader it seems forever, both here and back on Craftster. What do you do behind the scenes to keep us going?
It does seem like forever, in a good way! I love our community! On a daily basis, I make sure that the site is running smoothly and everyone is playing nice (which they always do!). I help the moderators and members when they have questions, toss out any spammers and, with a little help from TheMistressT, do weekly featured projects. I also help the swap mods watch over our amazing swap. Along with Mistress Jennie, I coordinate our Zoom classes and, although less frequent, plan Zoom parties around the holidays.

You do so many crafts, what is your favorite?
Embroidery and cross stitch will always be my first loves, but lately I have been really into miniatures. I love building little houses and creating stories for them.

What all do you collect?
I collect A LOT of stuff! I am an old soul so I love so many vintage things. Old diaries and letters, anything vintage with dogs on it, dolls (both old and new), pottery (Hull, Holt Howard, McCoy and Roseville), embroidery patterns, linens. My husband and I collect vintage Halloween and Universal Monster horror items. The Creature and the Bride are my favorites.

What inspires you?
Everything! Everyday life inspires me. I think that’s why I love reading old diaries and letters. I love reading how people survived and thrived in trying times. It is very comforting, especially right now. I get inspired by our members. I would not have gotten into miniatures if it wasn’t for MissingWillow and Racky.

What first got you interested in embroidery?
I was going through a really rough period in my life. My mother passed away, I was going through a divorce and my job was horrible. I picked up a magazine that featured Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching on it. I really liked her patterns so I decided to try it out. It was so comforting and took my mind off of my trouble. I allowed myself to process the grief and create a new aspect of my life at the same time.

Thanks @kittykill for both your leadership and sharing your gorgeous projects with our community!


This is fantastic - thanks for doing this! @kittykill I admire you so much… the amount of care and love you put into bringing this site and everyone on it together is astounding and there aren’t enough words of appreciation I could ever possibly say. I’m grateful for you and everyone here. :heart: And it’s really nice to learn more about you, since I haven’t had a ton of interaction with you. I’m so pleased to be the proud owner of a piece of your work - the Positive Affirmation from a swap in the before times. It brings me great joy.


I’m not crying…you’re crying! Thank you so much! :heart:


What a great profile our our dear Kittykill! Even as long as I have been around this great group of crafters, I learned something new! WOW!

The Internet is a better place with this group and we would not be this group without Pam’s dedication, diligence, and love!


Thank you for being you, @kittykill !


Hooray for @kittykill !
I know I wouldn’t have lasted as long on here and craftster without such wonderful friends. Glad to know ya!


Yay! :heart::heart::heart:


Wonderful feature!
Thanks so much for being an integral part of this community :slight_smile:


Thanks for all you bring to this amazing community…your projects grace so many homes bringing joy to all. Always nice to read about members and our leaders.


It’s nice to learn a little more about you. Thank you for sharing. I will second all of the above. You are amazing and delightful. I always enjoy our interactions whether via messages or zoom. I look forward to meeting you in person one day too. Thank you for all you do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Three cheers for @kittykill! We :heart: you!


The QUEEN! :crown:


Back on the old site I used to be nervous whenever @kittykill’s name was mentioned because I felt she was in a craft league way beyond me, kind of like a crafty superhero 🦸🏻

Then we started zoom craft chats here on LC, she joined some of them and I found out she’s … (I was going to say ‘she’s normal’ but that’s not quite the right word :smiley:) … she’s human, like the rest of us. Quirky, good sense of humour, collector of strange things (in my opinion), great story teller but not someone to be intimidated by.

Keep up the amazing job Pam. I don’t know how you fit everything in that you do here, plus your schooling and all your stitching. Maybe there truly is some superhero in you.


@kittykill … you seem to be doing the bulk of the monitoring now, does this means Sweets has stepped back?


Fearless leader indeed! Loved hearing about your inspiration and how you got into stitching. Keep being your awesome self @kittykill! Your crafting army will always be here for you! :grin: :wink:


Thank you for helping to keep this community rolling @kittykill! Not only do you provide inspiration with your lovely projects and your positivity, but you truly help to make this a place of happiness where friends can gather. I love it here,and you’re part of the reason for that!


I was just coming in to say something similar- “Who HASN’T harbored a long-time crafting crush on Kittykill? Show me someone who hasnt and i’ll show you someone who doesnt have an account here… yet!”


This was just great to come back to (I’m sorry I’ve been a ghost :sob: ). @kittykill deserves all the accolades!


Thank you @MissingWillow for this awesome profile of a person who truly embodies what this group is all about. @kittykill is the living, breathing, heart and soul of this community, and without her, none of this would be possible.

Pam, thank you for everything you do. For every frantic message you answer, for every time you welcome a new member with love, for every party you host and game you play with us. For supporting the Moderators and encouraging us to pursue & implement new ideas around the site. For cheering us on as we grow as artists and crafters. You are a rare and wonderful soul, and I’m lucky to be able to call you my friend. :heart: :infinity:


You really are an inspiration and we know we are more work then you let on. We appreciate you so much. Thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my heart.