Moisture under ironing board?

I like to use a lot of steam when I iron and I’ve noticed it causes moisture (to the point of dripping) under my ironing board. Any ideas on how to avoid this? The easiest answer is probably to use less steam but I’m wondering if anyone has any other tips/suggestions.

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Could a towel or part of an old blanket be placed on the bottom of the ironing board to absorb the moisture? Maybe with velcro tabs to attach to the edge of the ironing board cover … In my mind I have an idea but can’t articulate it… considering the framework and shaped to go around the framelegs… sort of like an E … sewn down one length of the cover, velcro on the opposite side, to fold/remove from underneath when the ironing board is collapsed.

What sort of cover do you have on it? Is the ironing board metal or wood? I have one of each. Both have a sort of batting on them then the cover…

Maybe you have a very powerful iron…

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I think this is why the metal is perforated. I no longer have a board, and use a fluffy towel on the counter. It gets really damp underneath because it’s not porous. whomp whomp

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I think you are right! My little wooden board seems to get a lot wetter than my big metal one…

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How about removing the cover and padding, then covering the board with foil (or other heatproof and waterproof thing), then putting the padding and cover back on.

That would keep the moisture from dripping through and let it be turned back into steam by the iron.


Instead of using a ton of steam when ironing, try using a spray bottle of distilled white vinegar. Spray a little on the wrinkled area of your cotton fabrics, and then apply the iron. It may take 2 passes, but it works wonders. The vinegar helps relax the fibers, so you can iron them flat. And don’t worry, the vinegar smell dissipates in a mater of minutes. You won’t be wandering around, smelling of salad dressing.


This is similar to what I’ve been trying (well, with the towel on the floor) but I like your idea of trying to attach it to the board itself. :thinking:

It’s a metal ironing board with a 100% cotton cover and 1/2" polyester pad. I’m wondering if there’s a better cover/pad option.

Yeah, it seems like it’s probably “by design” to allow the heat/steam to dissipate. I just wish it wouldn’t dissipate all over my carpet :laughing:

That’s an interesting idea. I wonder if that would cause any other issues :thinking:

I’ve never heard of that before. Do you dilute it at all?



Nope. Just put some in a spray bottle, and spritz the fabric just ahead of the iron. We used to use it in my costume shops all the time.