Molecular gastronomy (or fancyish Panna Cotta)

Hi there! This is a little older, but I realized there were several projects I never posted on Craftster. This is one of those. It’s my attempt at molecular gastronomy for a father’s day dessert for my husband–it’s molded vanilla panna cotta with a mango juice sphere and raspberry coulis. He teased that it was an Apple mouse with an egg yolk in blood. :roll_eyes:

The Panna Cotta was a recipe that I googled (they all seem pretty close) that I molded in pill shaped silicone molds that apparently don’t exist on Amazon anymore. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I had to freeze them for them to come out of the molds without breaking. They defrosted just fine. The raspberry coulis was just berries and powdered sugar that I mixed and sieved in a fine mesh sieve to get out the seeds. No cooking- no machines.

The mango spheres required work and practice and extra equipment. If you’ve ever had popping fruity boba, this is like a giant version. I sweetened some mango juice and followed the directions here: []

The Panna Cotta was delicious, but the mango spheres were just ok. Worth it for fanciness and drama, not for taste. :wink:

I enjoyed reading about El Bulli, the (now closed) restaurant that really put molecular gastronomy on the map, and about all of the techniques, but I haven’t tried anything else at home. Maybe someday.


Oh wow, this looks like something you’d find at a top notch restaurant.
I love panna cotta and your version looks delish!
Thanks for sharing the links for the mango spheres…it’s interesting!


This is amazing! Wow, you really outdid yourself! I’ve been to one of chef Adria’s restaurants in Barcelona. His molecular liquid olives were so good we ordered a second batch. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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That’s awesome! I’ve never been to Spain, sadly. Someday, I hope! (Liquid olives sounds divine. Anything olive-y. :heart:)

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this is so fancy and special looking. I think it looks like an egg yolk too but a really special egg yolk! You should be proud!

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Oooh - so yummy and so fancy!