Moms of a sort

I completed two more for my series of mini (2x2 inch) canvases of Moms for Mother’s Day.

I have Wendy Torrance from The Shining

And I also did Mama Fratelli from The Goonies


Oh, goodness! Mama’s eyes are quite upsetting, that evil glint. Such great work!

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Loving this odd series, especially as the day approaches…

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Two more excellent portraits!!! Totally recognizable.

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Oh, dear! Mom-ing is hard! These are instantly recognizable as well as utterly and oddly delightlful riff on Odes to Mothers.

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You have an amazing twisted gift. So happy that you’re sharing it.

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Hahaha Mama Fetelli!
Could you add a photo of all of the mamas together?

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Thank you everyone!! These have been really fun to make. I wanted to be more productive this weekend but only got one done :unamused:

@Tee lol thank you. I hope to continue this with dads for Father’s Day but I’m horrible at portraying men :grimacing:

@TheMistressT lol thank you. I had to include the not so great moms as well.

@Abbeeroad thank you

@AIMR thank you. I’m starting to have a hard time thinking of moms. I know there’s a lot but if you have suggestions, please share!

@Magpie hahaha yes, she’s not very happy. And thank you :blush:

@Manders heres a collage of all of them together, plus the one I did this weekend of Kitty from That 70’s Show


I didn’t see Kitty from That 70’s Show. That one is now my favorite! Thank you for the collage! It’s really cool seeing them all together!

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Yep. Kitty is the best. Love her!

It so fun seeing them all together!

How about Edith from Archie Bunker? Or Sheldon’s mom…and if you want a horrid mom, how about Tony Soprano’s mom…she was awful!

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Ohh those are good ones. Sopranos didn’t even cross my mind. I like it


These are all spectacular!

These are amazing! Goonies!!!