Monarch Butterfly crafts

I just remembered these Monarch Butterfly crafts from a swap ages and ages ago. I’ve been thinking about the Monarch lately, there are lots of milkweed plants growing all over our neighbourhood and I’ve been picking the pods and setting seeds free in laneways all over the place to help them spread. I love that beautiful orange creature so very much, it’s the nicest to see one flitting around the garden.

Painted rock

Painted leather scrap on fabric with embroidery & beads.

I made a set of these for the swap & some for myself that I never, ever wore, not once! I just sent them to @AntBee’s charming daughter the other day and I hear they are seeing some use which is so much better than hiding away in a drawer at my place. They are pre-made patches stitched to hairclips.

These crafts are from 2010! Wow. I’m old. LOL.


I just visited a butterfly garden in Encinitas where my mom lives and learned all about milkweed. I want to grow milkweed at school to teach the children about monarchs.


Awesome! Do it!

We are planting milkweed on our backyard berm this fall! Love monarchs and your crafts! Those barrettes are adorable! Perfectly stitched.


They are patches I found at the fabric store and sewed onto hair clips so, yes! Perfectly stitched but by a machine, not me

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Ah - still awesome!!!

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SO pretty. The embroidery is amazing.


A lovely kaleidoscope of monarch crafts!

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Monarch butterflies are so pretty. Such lovely projects, too!

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I love your “M” crafts…mushrooms, monarchs!

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Mandalas too! Remember that embroidery swap? Ahh, I loved that one.

Oh, & of course MONSTERS!

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