Mondrian Style Tri Fold Card

This birthday tri-shutter card features a Piet Mondrian inspired design of abstract rectangles.

With some assistance from CorelDRAW,  the Mondrian style design did not require that much manipulation to fit it on a tri-shutter pop up card.

Funny story about the inspiration for this card. I happened to watch the pilot of The Partridge Family–there’s the part where they decide to form a band, and they paint the school bus.  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, poor you, you have no idea of the fabulousness of the Friday night tv line-up of the early 1970s).

An aside about tri-shutter cards:

A tri-shutter is divided vertically into 6 equal parts, with the center two pieces merged.
The horizontal divisions do not need to be equal.

This picture shows the cut and fold diagram (black cut lines; red fold lines).

Here I have added (pink) guides to emphasize the six equal parts.

End of side discussion.

I cut the entire design from white card stock and left it adhered to the cutting mat, temporarily. Piece by piece I removed bits of white from the frames and replaced them with the other colors.

You can see I had to divide some shapes where cuts or folds were running through them. (The large blue and red squares, for example.)

Once the pattern was completed, I used painters’ tape to hold the pieces in place. This is the front.

This is the back–removing the white card stock frames.

Still the back, with the white card frame peeled away.

Gluing the pieces to the card.  Because of the folds, I did 1/3 of the card at a time.

I waited for the adhesive to dry, then carefully cut around the perimeter and along the cut lines, and scored and folded along the fold lines.

I cut the “Happy Birthday!” sentiment from adhesive vinyl.

This is the card folded flat for mailing.


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I think it’s fixed.

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Cool! @Lynx2Lancer, pretty sure I saw you doing something in this style recently…


This is so cool!! Such a clever idea.

It is cool! And I was! I’m working on a sample Mondrian piece using glue tinted with acrylic paint!


Very cool! At first glance, I thought it was your project, @Lynx2Lancer. What a clever card!

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Wow. this is fantastic.