Monoprints and Rusty Bits

For the Good Little Thing swap, I decided to bust out my acrylic inks and paints and gelli plate and create a mixed media piece for my partner. I assembled bits of monoprints and then added more texture on top. I then used some rusty bits I received from @alteredmommy in a swap eons ago and add a little bit of flair.


Oooo…I like it. A lot. The mix of bright colors and rusty bits is fabulous.

It’s cool and colorful and groovy!

I love this so much - you can’t look at it just once because there’s so much to take in!

Love the vibrant colors and textures! And yes! Rusty bits ftw! : D

Lovely contrast between the vibrant colors and rusty bits.

I love this so much

I really like the stacking effect…it is a bit of organization in contrast with the wild and colorful paints and textures…creative work there (good to see you, @LeapFeetFirst :kissing_heart:)

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This is so fantastic!!! Love the rusty bits…great addition!

This is just so cool! I love all the colors and textures :star_struck:

Oh, this is very interesting to look at! So much color, and the rusty bits were a great addition.

That is glorious! I am so happy you posted that in its own thread, I don’t even remember seeing it in that giant swap gallery.
I hope you’ll join future Masterboard swaps, your colours are so vibrant and beautiful. They’d make amazing backgrounds and bookmarks for @underthemountain’s literacy charity :).

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I love, love, love this piece!! haha when I first saw it I was totally “hey I have the exact same rusty bits”

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This is LOVELY!

I keep scrolling back up to look at the photos again and finding new things. Current favorites are the numbers, although that’s subject to change next time I look.

Wow there’s so much going on and it all pulls together so cohesively! This is a treat to see!

Really cool my friend! Love the color and texture. Fun and funky.

The color intensity is wild! What brand did you use/do you prefer?

Epic execution!


I love the rusty bits against the bright abstract background!

That is really cool!! Your use of colour is amazing!