Monster High Custom Leprechaun

Have you ever had one of those projects that you dream about doing, but psych yourself out of all the time? That is what this project was for me. I have a bunch of Monster High dolls and I have always wanted to attempt a custom doll. The ones I see online are amazing. But I have also seen some real stinkers and I was so worried mine would fall into that category. I completely got into my own head and ruined it for many, many years. About 8 years in total. I was inspired right here on LC by @RagingSloth and her Ankle Biter doll to actually complete her.
Well, I decided to stop procrastinating and just do it. I was super nervous, especially about removing the face paint and redoing it, but I am proud that I tried. I know she is far from perfect, but I am happy with her, or at least at peace with how she turned out. LOL! I focus on everything wrong when I look at her. I am trying to be less critical and remember she is my first doll. Yes, I plan on torturing myself and making more. :joy:

I am calling her Patty Gold (for Pot of Gold) and she is a leprechaun. I wanted to make her look as if she could be one of the dolls sold in the stores. A lot of people remake these dolls and they look better than the original dolls. I know I am nowhere near that level so I am starting off trying to replicate the style.
Sorry, this is going to be pic heavy because I am so excited. And apparently wordy too. :crazy_face:

I made her a little pot of gold for her purse. Special thanks to @Bunny1kenobi for helping me figure that one out. Her miniature specialties came in very handy. I made the little gold coins and the hat out of Sculpy. At first, I wanted a big hat, but then realized that the Monster High dolls normally have small hats. I wanted it to look kind of plastic and molded so the Sculpy worked out great! I also made her little buckles on the boots. They were originally purple and I painted them.

I rerooted her hair years ago, but I made the outfit (completely hand sewn), accessories, and did her face up over the last month.
Here she was without the face paint. This was so scary!! Another shout out to @AIMR for the pastels to use on her face!

I also wanted her to remain moveable. I used a Frankie Stein doll base. I had to remove her neck bolts, and the stitches on her body.
A big goal was to put her in my display case and not have her stand out as a custom doll. I think I did okay.

And no, these are not all my dolls. LOL! I have a real problem. :flushed:


Holy cow this is so cool! Of all the impressive details I think I am most blown away by her clothes. Tiny doll clothes just amaze me.


She turned out awesome! I love her outfit and all her accessories.

And…dang, girl! You have an amazing doll collection. :heart_eyes:


Wow, wow, wow! I think you did a terrific job with it. That’s quite a collection you have there. I am excited to see what else you’ll come up with!


I would buy her! You did a fantastic job! Her eyes look so expressive and loved that you matched her brows to her hair…the clothes…tiny doll clothes with that much detail always amazes me…

Boy…you probably got a bunch of us excited to see what else you will come up with! She is impressive…and yeah, I am still searching for the “mistakes”…like, none…just fabulous!


Holy Smokes! You find her her!!! And she is fantastic! I love her hair streaks, her slightly tinted skin, her darker lip color. HER SWAGGER! look at those cute striped city shorts!!!

Her eyebrows! So well arched!

:four_leaf_clover: She is just epic, gozer. :shamrock:


UMMMMM…reason 520 you rock. I collect Monster High dolls too! We should talk! It looks amazing!


What?! Did you hear they are coming back in 2022?


I DID! I’m so excited!


HOLY MOLY! This is sooooo daaaaaang gooooooood!


@gozer I LOVE HER!! I see no mistakes! Not one! She is fabulous and she fits into the group like she was meant to be!! I’m glad you took so many photos.

If this is your first doll I’m giddy to think of what you’ll come up with given more practice!


OMGGGH GOZER! YOU DID IT! She’s amazing and I think she looks exactly like a Monster High Leprechaun would look! You did an amazing job. Just super super cool. I think her outfit is especially great. The sewing is impeccable. Lol I’m glad I can have a Monster High friend to be excited about with. I don’t have any others. <3 I think Patty definitely blends in with the rest. Your display is inspiring! I’m gonna have to get a display case like this for my downstairs living room once it’s ready!
I’m working on a new doll myself after a few months of basically no crafting due to a new job selling antiques online but I have dog walking clients again so I can stop doing that and start crafting when off work again!


I would never have known that this was your first doll or that there are (ahem, alleged :shushing_face:) mistakes.

I identify with this a lot. I always feel like I’m surely going to end up on the Nailed It end of the spectrum.


This turned out SOOO great. It’s hard to not psych yourself out when starting on something new, but you put in the work and buckled down and it shows. She’s absolutely amazing and I love her so much. I wouldn’t be able to pick her and her perfect little outfit out of the case…that’s for sure. I think my favorite part are the little hints of green in her hair. Sounds stupid because the rest of her is so perfect, but the way they frame in the green in her skin and outfit is just perfect.