Monster oven mitt! - Monster Jam 2020

You can play along with Monsters too!

Yikes, this is one oven mitt you might be too afraid to stick your hand into!

It’s a warty looking thing.

Seems hungry. Those rickrack teeth might not be so scary after all though…

Monster Jam 2020-01


This is so stinkin’ cute! I might even use my kitchen if I had one of these!

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Well since my lovely daughter burned the heck out of one of our oven mitts, I am in fact in need of a new set. I could make more of these and share the pattern… gimme a couple days to work it out!

I love the rick rack teeth!

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I love this so hard!

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I love the wide, rick-rack mouth!

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OMG! Who doesn’t need a potholder like this? So adorable!!! I love the spots.

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