Monstery bookmarks!

Backgrounds are masterboards made over the years.

Black & white card stock fussy cut into ooky spooky eerie ravenous shapes & pointy fangs.

The eyes are punched out holes backed with red paper.

Everything was very messily glued in place, my fingers included at times :smile:.

Anything sticky is all hidden under the lamination :wink:

A sampling of the quotes on the back:
There are times when fear is not our enemy. There are times when fear is our truest, sometimes only, friend.
Rick Yancey
β€œDemons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.”
Remy de Gourmont
β€œQuiet people have the loudest minds.”
Stephen King
β€œWrite me a creature that thinks as well as a man or better than a man, but not like a man.”
John W. Campbell Jr
β€œBelieve nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”
Edgar Allan Poe



Oooh, the ones with the fangs!!!

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I love all of them!

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I love these! They’re so fun!

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YIKES! I love the pointy, little teefs! The top ones are sinister when all together like that!


These are fantastic! I love the creep factor of them! The quotes are great, too. The silhouettes and the Horizontal monster teeth are my favorites!

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Those teeth!

You killed it, @Magpie! Every one of these is fantastic!

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Very imaginative monster goodness!

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Oh my goodness gluing all those tiny teeth!! Love the concept and the quotes are excellent. These would be fitting for my current book which is a bit dark and creepy (but also magical).

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