Moon Blossom

This is my first time using this resin mold and I love how it came out. I missed some spots when cleaning up the extra mica, but I still am happy with it. Not sure how I’ll be hanging it yet though. It is 8 1/2 inches across. I also have a butterfly one that has flowers like this that I’m looking forward to trying next.


Wow! So pretty!

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This is so striking! What a great first effort!

That is way cool!

I am constantly amazed by the new things I see being made on this site! This is so pretty.

Its very pretty. I love how soft and dreamy it is.

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This just came across my screen again and it’s really giving me spring vibes all of a sudden.

You did great ! Its so lovely ! and the colours… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
very good first attempt !

This is so pretty and dreamy looking! I love the way you colored it!