Mooning the world

I believe this is the fourth painting I made on this canvas, and I swear it’s the last, heh.

Some things I still need to work on, shading, and finding that special brush to make small details easier. As well as the proper paint to water ratio to keep the paints from either drying out or becoming too watery. (I do have some of this liquitex acrylic medium, but I’m saving it til I’m 100% sure I want to try it…which, hopefully, will be soon).


Beautiful! You created so much depth in your clouds and the tree line. Best mooning I’ve seen. :laughing:


The shining is beautifully done. The clouds look nice and fluffy. Great painting.
When you say the fourth on this canvas, are painting over them?


Yeah! The first was an orange sky with a blood moon, then a white moon, then then the last two with a black sky.


I think this one is a keeper! I believe your skills are getting better and better!

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Wow :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: