More assemblage art canvases

I made some more assemblage / found object canvases.
I’m trying different techniques to speed up the process. I was priming the canvases and objects in black by hand but have tried spray painting them and it’s going so much faster!
The first 2 are hand painted. One is 2.5”x3.5” and one 6”x6”

The next 3 had all components sprayed painted in black before assembling and adding color.

2 are 2”x2” and 1 is 3”x 3”


The second and third ones make me just want to gaze at them forever! So cool.

I am planning on keeping the 2nd one for myself!


How do you decide what to put on? Is there some sort of theme or process? I have always wanted to try this but get stumped or overwhelmed at what to put on…I just don’t see everyday objects as how they can be with this technique…I just see a mess! Yours look like they are random and then put together by the unifying color, but it can’t be that simple…

I love them!

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It is that simple!
I’ll pick a larger piece or two (more for a larger canvas) and just glue them down. Then fill in with smaller pieces. Then brush on color.

I have done a couple with themes. Like board games. Usually no theme.


how encouraging…thanks…I might just have to “do it”…I have so many disconnected things in a few containers marked “stuff”…just do it! ha

These are fun to stare at for a bit! Thanks for sharing part of your process.

I did a box lid like this, but didn’t prime anything first. It did look a mess until I painted it; priming everything first is a great idea as you can concentrate on the shape and texture without getting hung up about the colours of the objects you’re using.

I love your canvases @geekgirl

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I found the “in progress” pics I took of a canvas I did in December. This is when I was still hand painting everything.

After gluing everything down and before painting

after painting


You just have the vision to see what it will be…I get a panic attack seeing the first pictures…but then I see the layers, the shapes, etc. I might have to take a pic in black and white to see it…but that is exactly the kind of stuff I have with no other thing I can think of to do with it…you are so generous to share your process…lol…I might need private instruction this summer… :smiley:

Love the smaller scale of these!

omg that would be so much fun!

That last one is all mine! And I adore it. :smiley:

Love how these turned out! Spray painting sounds like the way to go, for sure lol. I can’t imagine the hand cramps and the paint mess after painting every tiny thing first. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about blue and copper. it just catches the light so well.


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I am torn, I love stars… but that pink one. I adore pink! Thank you for the progress shots. I would have never dreamed that started out like that, You have an eye for how to arrange things. You say it’s simple, but to most of us, it is not.

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They turned out great. I am another one that would panic at the sight of it before the painting, but they look beautiful once painted.

Great pieces of art!
The second one is my favorite.
I seem to prefer the ones you hand painted, but of course I understand why you would stop doing it that way.

the first 2 were done on stretched canvas. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th ones were done on a burlap type canvas with a much looser weave. I’m not a huge fan of the look but I got them on clearance at the A.C. Moore close out clearance sale. I have more. I may gesso them.

These are great! I love the depth in your pieces!