More Coasters for My Brother

My brother lives in my parents’ house now. He is really taking homeownership to heart, fixing the place up, keeping it clean, and even decorating way better than I would even do!

Both he and my sister are coaster freaks use coasters. Whenever I get a chance, I use some of my scraps to make a few of these and keep them handy for them to take home. My brother takes them every chance he gets…goodness knows what happens to them all…he says his drinking buddies take them for their girlfriends…sure…whatever…

This is my latest batch

All bundled and ready to go to their new home…I will have to send them to him since we no longer live near each other!


Those look great!

So bright and cheery! Happy 4th of July uhm, every day!

I love the look of your scrappy coasters! And bonus points for keeping them together with a piece of scrappy fabric ribbon :smiley:

Nice and so thoughtful! :slight_smile: I love fabric coasters and use them everyday. :slight_smile:

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Very cheery :star: and yay for using scraps!

Who wouldn’t want to steal get these great coasters!

You are a lovely sister for sewing them! :heart:

I tend to have a lot of red, white and blue scraps because I make quilts for Wounded Warrior and Quilts of Valor.

The guy who hosts a big picnic and fundraiser at his farm in PA died three days ago at the age of 63…we are in shock and not sure if his family will continue. I will find the chapter here in NC at any rate. I come from a military family so it is an important event for my family…

Glad someone caught that…yep…tied a few of the cut offs together…


Love these! Cute fabric combos.

These are just perfect. I in fact had a dream the other day about scrappy coasters. Mine were round but seeing yours I may just reconsider the shape. They look AWESOME!

I am just too lazy to bind round…but I thought about maybe doing the lining thing and turning them inside out…I do like the spiral round quilting…it is fun…wheee

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Awww, how wonderful that you send him some so he will have them even if you don’t live near. And good that he likes using them, they do look awesome :smiley:

What a nice sister you are! And what a great use for scraps! And I’m impressed that your brother gets excited about them. I can’t see my brothers bothering to use coasters. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, good for him keeping up the family home!

That is also very cool. I’m sorry to hear about the death of the organizer.

Hopefully someone will pick up the mantle and continue the fundraiser. Prayers for all affected by his passing.