More Doodling

I made another doodle drawing with fine liners in my art journal:

I hope you like it.


Like it? No lady, I love it! I especially like the boxy parts behind the green nature–and that pop of color? Exquisite! You’ve got skillz!


I wish my doodling looked as amazing as yours!

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Have you ever considered doodling something poster sized and framing it? You are so good at this.


I’m always there for oak leaves! :green_heart:

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Yes, you should definitely do a poster! Your work is fabulous!

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Aw, thanks for your lovely comments, @Lynx2Lancer, @Homerof2, @MissingWillow, @thanate and @endymion!


Hahaha, if that is doodling, than what is what I do??? Haha! :joy:
You doodle art, so you are talented!

Love it! :orange_heart:

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Thank you,@wendiek!
That is so kind of you.

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I usually think I’m a decent doodler but you have skills!


I really like the black and white squares, sort of like racing flags! It’s so neat when a design is used in an unexpected and unusual way.

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I do like this more than the music one, not because of the art, but because I love nature, great job

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