More Frankendresses

A couple of my more successful attempts at ‘Frankendresses’. These are really just ‘house dresses’, not for public wear!

This is the last of my turquoise Tee shirts into dresses, for now at least.

I put the buttons on the back of the skirt, which could have been a mistake, but luckily they don’t make sitting uncomfortable. It’s not quite as tight on me as the dress form!

The only before…

I haven’t decided what to do with the ‘top of the top’ - perhaps a bolero or shrug?


I love that you are using all of the fabric and not wasting anything. I like the bottom dress best. It looks really comfy.

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These are so creative. I could never reimagine my clothes like this! Great job!

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These dresses look so carefree and comfortable! The plaid skirt on the second one really appeals to me. It’s great that the buttons don’t make it uncomfortable.

There are so many possibilities with the leftover plaid. A bolero would be fun. I’m thinking if you added fuller fabric at the bottom, it could also be a shirt or dress.

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