More Mandrakes for STS 2022

I made more mandrakes. They pattern is so fun to make. I am still working on making them different sizes. The pattern shows them short and chubby and tall and thin, and gives vague instructions, but mine always look the same. I am going to alter the pattern a bit next time since I know what I am doing. I want a potato looking sprout! :rofl:
These were given out already during a previous swap. They now live with @Kwality570

And these two will be up for grabs in the 2022 STS. Admittedly, I am going to kind of miss them. They hang out above my computer when I WFH. I lovingly refer to them as Turd & Ferguson. LOL!
Turd is the darker one in the back. He has quite the attitude some mornings before he gets his coffee.


Bahahaha! I love how you name stuff!

Your mandrakes are frigging cute! I might need to buy some at your shop for my DD for Christmas!

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They are adorable!

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These lil guys are so cute!


I’m so happy to see them up close! I like their little shiny eyes and their little limbs. They’re posable, right? They look like they are. I’d like to hide one in a big plant for fun.

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I need one of these in my life…

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Yes, they are poseable, which adds to their fun!

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