More Pin Ornaments

One more Ornament from me for our tree.

And I’m really proud of my partner, Kenny cause he made this one:

Yaaaay! And he was only grumpy about it for like ten minutes. :joy:


He crafts without getting grumpy? A keeper!

The first ornament reminds me of a hot air balloon.


Those are really cool. The first one reminds me of a pomegranate. Did you start to learn how to do this with a kit?

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Ooooh! I love the fancy hanging bits. They’re like little elegant hot air balloons!

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Thank you! Yeah a few years ago I found a few old fashioned pin ornament kits from the seventies and made those. If you try to get the kits online, though, they’re super expensive. So I just bought some foam balls, cover the balls in fabric or ribbon, and pin sequins on. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

You guys are clearly having a ball with these ornaments! Ha! A “ball”!

Ok I’ll see myself out, now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More winners! Kenny might be a (grumpy?) natural!

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These are really lovely!

I often start with a kit to learn the ropes and then just use my own supplies to make more…you guys did a great job…I especially love Kenny’s fancy one!

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Thank you!!

Thanks! He’s very proud of it. Lol