More Polar Bear Fun!

I made a third polar bear in the same pattern I used before with Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. I also got some Bernant Blanket yarn, and it didn’t work for that pattern, so I tried a different one.

First, here’s the newest pipsqueak yarn bear:

And here’s the newest polar bear. It’s still cute, but it’s not quite as cute as the one above in my opinion.


So cute!

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I love these polar bears…the yarn on the first one looks quite furry!

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Your polar bears are adorable! And of them would be a treasure! The fuzzy ones are my faves.

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He needs a big hug!


They are so sweet!
The first one is my favorite.

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As soon as I saw this I made a :astonished: face. I LOVE that bear! So gorgeous. The second best looks like the polar bear from that cartoon “we bare bears.” Lol

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