Morse Code Song Lyrics Pillow

I was asked to make another pillow with a song lyric on it and decided to give it another twist by doing one side in another language and since I felt I could trust a Morse Code translator to be accurate I went with that!

I made an adhesive stencil with my Cricut and set it slightly askew. The paint is a slightly pearlescent graphite color. I used 1 strand each of 3 different grey floss colors to embroider a split stitch border. This is the back side of the fabric.

The other side has the lyrics in English, the chorus from a song by Primus. I made another adhesive stencil and 5 colors from the welting I made earlier.

This was my Plan B and it is both less and more subtle than I intended. Also, the somewhat coarse weave of this fabric did not play well with the floaty bits of the letters. I had already considered adding an embroidery element and it turned out to make a big difference in legibility. This side has the fabric right-side out.

I do like made things that encourage/require an extra look to see it all, so that appeals to me about this and is part of the appeal of the Morse Code side. I also like how there’s a more neutral side and a loud n proud side. So versatile!


I love how the welting/piping/cording turned out and am please with how it went sewing it into the pillow.

I don’t know the first thing about Primus, but looking at their website, tour posters, etc. gave me the impression and inside-out/ slightly askew, mix & match, semi-wonkiness would all at least sort of fit the vibe. This also coordinates-enough with a pillow I was asked to make for the same people by the same client a couple years ago,



The piping matches everything perfectly!

As a huge Primus fan I must say you’ve captured their uniqueness and authenticity to a tee!
Also, is the second pillow The Regulator by Clutch?
My coworker used to be the art director at Hard Rock and he wrote his name in Morse code in the guitars on the wall.
This is so freaking cool


Thanks, friends!

@bethntim OMG! That is so good to hear! And you are correct! When doing this tag for that project I was assuming “Clutch” had something to do with the client (my cousin) having had part ownership in some kind of race car and “the regulator” being some kind of inside joke! :rofl:



Nice job! The piping is perfect for the pillow (that was a lot of p’s).


I am echoing everyone’s sentiment that the piping really pulls all of this together perfectly.

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Thanks, y’all!

I’m in love with that piping! And I love your unique twists on incorporating song lyrics.

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