Mosaic crochet cushion cover

Inspired by @storerboughtcreation and her amazing puffin blanket, I decided I had to learn mosaic crochet, because I might, might eventually make that blanket too.

I found a free DL from the get yer hook on website for this camper van panel. And I learned. I turned the panel into a cushion cover with pom-poms (love me some pompom action) for a friend who has a lovely little VW van.


How cute and fun! The poms are a perfect addition!

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Very cool! This is going to be so loved by the recipient!!!

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I’m so glad you tried it! It isn’t as difficult as it looks, am I right? The hardest part is choosing colors.

You cushion looks great! I hope your friend loves it :hearts:

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Cool and I love that you were inspired by someone on LC!


It’s really not as difficult as it looks, although I made loads of mistakes, but the eye doesn’t really see them.

I’m still toying with the idea of starting your puffin quilt. Puffins!!


It came out great and makes the perfect cushion!!

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So cute! And the Pom-poms are a great touch!

I’d love to see your take on the puffin throw! Doooooo iiiiiiiit! :grin:

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Oh, well that’s just too cool for school!