Mostly-Failed Friendship Bracelets

For the Easter egg swap, @Kwality570 said she’d like some “old-style friendship bracelets”. How perfect! I had just received (by mistake; the vendor sent me the wrong thing and told me not to bother sending it back) a bag of supplies and instructions for making friendship bracelets.

I’d never made any before, but since I often see them categorized as kid’s crafts, I assumed they must be very easy to do.


I spent literally a whole week, trying and failing to make an acceptable-looking friendship bracelet.
Some of my failed attempts:

They just looked so sad…

Finally, I gave up on those techniques and just fell back on more familiar craft modes: crochet and macrame.

For inspiration, Leann had shared a picture of a group of bracelets, including one with a central eye/evil eye charm. Not able to find that exact one, I ordered a more stylized eye charm to use in my bracelets. But then I received word that delivery would be delayed; too late for the swap.

Darn! I really wanted one of the bracelets to have a focal point like that. After a bit of stash-shopping, I remembered the chunky butterfly buttons I’d claimed from @thanate during the fall Shop the Swap market. Yay! Just the focal point I needed.

Here is @Kwality570’s action shot of all the bracelets. The butterfly is the star of the show, of course.


The bracelets turned out great. I laughed when you said you thought they would be easy because friendship bracelets are considered kids crafts. I felt the same way and tried them and failed miserably. Miserably!
The butterflies and Beads made your bracelets even more beautiful. They turned out amazing.


These are great! LOVE the butterfly!

I wonder if maybe kids’ bracelets aren’t so wonderfully wrought, either, but kids don’t care so much about that as the act of sharing with their friends?


Wow, this turned out beautifully! The butterfly is the perfect choice.

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I must have made the super simple braided ones back in the day, not the patterned beauties. I was just thinking about how I see bracelet looms at the toy store, but I think they had those or at least a kit when I was young. Not the same, but it reminds me of when I used to play Cat’s Cradle. Fun times.


The butterfly was the perfect centerpiece for the bracelet!

I don’t know how kids make those either…lol…nothing wrong with sticking to what you know best and can execute well…it is a beautiful piece of jewelry!


That’s a great use for that pottery piece, looks really nice.

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